North of Light

Available Now!   Noel’s life is tied up in garland. She used to love Christmas, but now, she has her reasons for being Little Miss Grinch. With the holidays fast approaching, Noel decides she must find a new way to conquer life and the merry torture of the festive season. When Connor—a sarcastic, gorgeous bartender—is … Continue reading North of Light

Half of Me

Available Now! At twenty-three years old, Joslyn Stone is enjoying a wonderful life. She’s been accepted into her first-choice graduate program, she’s landed her ideal internship with her best friend, and she’s expecting a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, Brett, at any moment. Everything is perfect—until it isn’t. After a routine visit to the doctor, Joslyn’s … Continue reading Half of Me

Freeing Liberty

Available Now! Sometimes, life leaves a wound so deep, it turns your soul blacker than your heart. Liberty Daniels had the perfect life until one selfish act ripped everything away. Left alone and buried in guilt, she seeks solace in the wrong person. Needing an escape, Liberty enters a competition for a photography road trip. … Continue reading Freeing Liberty

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