BSC_4666Getting to Know You

J.M. Paul has loved to write since she first picked up a crayon as a child. Much of her life has been spent telling stories, daydreaming, and weaving her creative ideas into New Adult and Young Adult novels.

A native of Michigan and a graduate of Grand Valley State University, J.M. Paul lives with her high-school-sweetheart-turned husband and two dog-children, Finnigan and Rowan, on a small lake she considers her personal paradise.

When J.M. Paul’s not writing or at her full-time job where she’s the marketing communications/copywriter ninja, she spends her time reading, boating, running, watching sports, playing photographer, laughing with family and friends, or chasing her four-legged troublemakers around the house. You’ll most likely find her sitting on the deck with her husband at her side, two dogs at her feet, and a book nearby while her head is in the clouds and her hands are on the keyboard. She loves life, is always smiling, and never leaves home without a book.

Ink_Splot_JMPJ.M. Paul has articles published in the following online magazines:
Country Living
Good Housekeeping
Woman’s Day

BSC_4728The Dirt

I’m an eternal optimist.
My favorite food group is chips and salsa.
I laugh loud and proud.
Seaweed and bees terrify me.
I remember my 1st birthday.
There’s always chapstick in my pocket.
I secretly love to annoy people with my cheerfulness.
I’m a hugger, not a fighter.
Any and all types of storms rock.
I sing/hum/whistle Christmas carols all year.
London’s at the top of my vacation bucket list.
I’m a sports enthusiast – football being number one.
I believe happiness is a choice. Make it. 🙂

Photo credit: Black Sheep Chic Photography


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